How Do I Use CVS To Get The Source for a Specific Version?

Each time we make a formal release of the NST, we tag the CVS repository for the release. This permits one to check out the source code used to build the release for any version of the NST.

The CVS tag name chosen is always in the form of 'vD_D_D'. For example, the source for the '1.2.2' release has a CVS tag of 'v1_2_2'.

The following demonstrates the command that would be used to check out the source code for the '1.2.2' release of the NST:

Figure 4.3. Anonymous Check Out of Version 1.2.2

[root]# mkdir -p /usr/local/src/nst/1.2.2
[root]# cd /usr/local/src/nst/1.2.2
[1.2.2]# cvs login
Logging in to
[1.2.2]# cvs checkout -r v1_2_2 .

... lots of output ...